It is unfortunate that in the world we live in today, an uncountable number of health hazards face us. One hazard that has over the last decade increasingly become alarming is obesity. Statistics indicate that an average of 34 percent of the American population suffers from it. The condition is a cause for concern, especially considering some people may be obese without even knowing it. This TruVision weight loss 7 day sample pack might be just what you need to kickstart a healthier you!

Types of obesity

There are two known types of obesity known today
1. Subcutaneous fat obesity- this type of obesity is the most visible since the unwanted fat lies directly under the skin. This fat will often make the victim appear fat and big. Those who experience this type are more aware of their condition.
2. Visceral fat obesity- this type of obesity is subtler and its victims may not even be aware of their condition. Unwanted fat, in this case, lies deep inside the body coating body organs. Victims may possess a fit physical appearance even when suffering from it.

Fighting Obesity

The fight against obesity has been ongoing for some time now. As a result, various medical institutions have invested in research on the condition and how best to deal with it. Some companies such as TruVision Weight Loss have managed to develop a medication that combats obesity in a slow and healthy manner.

TruVision Weight Loss

The TruVision Weight Loss formula comprises the use of two different pills working as medication to destroy the fats. This has been named the truCONTROL combo. Composed of a blue and orange pill, they work together to release unwanted fats and toxins while maintaining appetite control and giving the required energy. They have been ranked as one of the best medications available on the market. Following all safety measures, the pills work to overtime destroy all unhealthy fat and give the host sustainable body mass index. The BMI is the ratio of body fat to height and weight.

How They Work

The chemistry behind the formula is simple and well defined. The blue pill, more commonly referred to as TruFix is responsible for balancing the blood chemistry. The pill aims at balancing your BMI from either low or high to avoid any unnecessary strain on the body. The TruFix pill cleanses the liver, balances blood sugar, and lowers body cholesterol. Success in fixing these issues increases the energy output of the body while losing weight at the same time.

The TruFix pill unlike others in the same category does not work as a diet pill but rather as a supplement. The pill works on the principle that if you can efficiently sustain your nutrients, you can then lose weight without suffering any adverse effects. Doctors note that lack of proper nutrition while losing weight taxes other body organs. The body will attempt to regain lost nutrients from other body organs leaving a void on the organs. Once you stop the medication, the organs affected will reclaim their nutrients and reverse all the earlier weight loss attempts. The user will end up gaining weight again

The pill contains all the necessary nutrients needed for your body to properly function. Once this is done, it can start breaking down the unnecessary fats slowly. By doing this, the body is not overtaxed and therefore can lose weight without any negative spiral effects. Researchers in the topic point to a number of adverse effects in using thermogenic products (diet pills) for weight loss purposes. They explain that thermogenic products work by essentially forcing the body to burn up fats. In many cases, persons using the formula end up gaining more weight when they stop taking diet pills. This is the body’s way of trying to regain forcefully lost fats. This process in some cases forces the body to spend lean muscles mass and organ tissue.

The weight loss process does not work as fast as other mediocre processes do. It takes time and consistency to get the pills working. To some, the whole process may take up to two years to fully get the unnecessary fats out. Manufactures of the product, TruVision Weight Loss, recommend high levels of discipline inconsistency when taking the formula. When taken consistently and correctly, the user will see that losing weight in fat and gaining weight in muscle will happen. The dissolved fats are replaced with muscle. This will result in having a considerably smaller figure. This is attributed to the muscle being heavier than fat. In this case, the user will be thinner, yet still, weigh about the same as before. This may, however, take some time to manifest hence encouragement on consistency.

TruVision Weight Loss

Smiling young woman happy about what the scale shows

Visceral fat

Visceral fat accumulates internally and around the waist. It is by far the most dangerous type of obesity as it can choke internal organs and cause critical issues such as a heart attack. It has been observed that even lean people may suffer from this kind of obesity. It has therefore since recently been deemed better to measure the waist section to determine the obesity of a person. Visceral fat lowers the amount of energy produced by the body. The result is the person tires quickly. The fat has also been blamed for hastening the aging process.

The TruControl from TruVision Weight Loss works to effectively destroy visceral fat first they subcutaneous fat. This implies that the pills work their way from the inside to out. As a result, the users of the pill may not notice any physical changes within the first few months of using the pills. Since this is considered the worst fat, it is a valid argument that the pills aim for the person’s health before fixing their physique. This also means that just because a person is not big does not mean they are not obese.


Doctors recommend taking a BMI test every once in a while, to make sure all your health pointers show that you are healthy and within your range. Use of the product ensures the user is not a victim of excess fats. As such, they can avoid a number of potential health issues including cardiac arrest. As an added advantage, users get to keep a lean fit healthy body at the end of the medication.