Are you having trouble sleeping? We have something to solve that for you!

Are you having trouble sleeping? Truvy / Truvision Health has something can help you with that.

How many times have you made a promise to yourself that you will be in bed and asleep by 9:00 pm, latest 10:00 pm, yet you find yourself up at 3:00 am with no signs of sleep? A lot of people in the world go through this at one point in life. This is what we call insomnia.

Insomnia is caused by a couple of factors such as stress, depression, having a hectic lifestyle, and the most common of all, too much screen time. Screen time can be spending too much time on your computer, television, and or your phone. These gadgets are known to have a blue light that affects the brain waves leading to a lack of sleep even when fatigued.

As insomnia progresses into a world ailment, the health and wellness organizations have come up with supplements that help you relax and get enough sleep when going through sleepless nights. These supplements, in the form of pills, are available as either prescription or over-the-counter drugs. They help to regulate your sleeping patterns.

Below is a review of the truSLUMBER.

What is truSLUMBER?

TruSLUMBER is a supplement that naturally induces sleep by stimulating the sleep hormones leading to better sleep patterns.

What ingredients are in truSLUMBER

Natural is the main ingredient. This product is made from all-natural products found in herbs that have proven to have properties that help improve and cure insomniacs without altering the bodies functioning as opposed to other chemically manufactured pills. These herbs are readily available and accessible all around the world. They include;

Have you ever visited a friend in an anxious state, and they offered you some chamomile tea? This is because chamomile contains calming properties.

Besides its calming effects, chamomile also contains anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, which help to release harmful toxins from the body hence a good night’s sleep.

The passionflower is a herb best known for its calming effects. It increases the levels of GABA( Gamma-aminobutyric acid) found in the brain, which in turn helps you to sleep better hence an antidepressant.

GABA helps by reducing excess communication between the brain nerve cells. This ensures that the brain activities are reduced, therefore leaving you calm enough to have a good night’s sleep.

The passionflower is also known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which helps boost your immunity by removing toxins from your body and reducing any inflammation in the body, which would cause discomfort while trying to sleep.

Melatonin is produced in the pineal gland. It is used in the formulae for making pills, such as truSLUMBER pills. It acts as an element that provides sleep-inducing properties such as the calming effect, antioxidants, pain relief, and boosting immunity.

Extracted from the lemon balm, Cyracos is the trademark ingredient used to make truSLUMBER. It helps rectify harmful sleeping patterns by producing the hydroxycinnamic acids, which neutralize the destructive radicals, which in turn reduces stress levels in the body, leaving you well relaxed.

Results from research and surveys have shown that about 50% of those who tested truSLUMBER as a sleeping pill showed an increased reduction in uneasiness or worrisome levels. In comparison, about 40% of them were able to sleep better after taking it. These people testified that their sleeping patterns had improved as compared to the nights before taking the pill.


Yes. Thorough research and surveys, as mentioned earlier, has proved that a vast majority of people who had insomnia managed to regulate their sleep patterns after taking the pill. People have woken up reenergized, happy, and with enough energy to face a new day as they were able to get a good night’s sleep from a natural product.

Benefits of using truSLUMBER

  • The aim if taking truSLUMBER is to be able to get a goodnight’s sleep, and that is what it does.
  • It regulates your sleep patterns by communicating effectively with your sleep hormones.
  • It relaxes you hence reducing your stress levels. It is easier to sleep when you are calm.
  • It is a natural product, which means there will be no side effects that could be damaging to your overall health.
  • It is not addictive. Most of the sleeping pills in the market are chemically manufactured with products that cause addiction. This is dangerous since addiction is a disease in itself that can be very dangerous.

Does truSLUMBER have any side effects?

Each one of us has a different response to medication. A small percentage of people who have taken truSLUMBER have experienced mild after-effects such as fatigue, increased blood pressure, jitters, and mood swings. This, however, only occur during the first days of consumption.

However, just like every other drug, if the symptoms persist, visit your doctor for further evaluation.


The dosage for truSLUMBER entirely depends on individual response to the drug.

People who suffer from uneasiness are advised to take one pill as it is enough to calm you down.

People suffering from weight issues are advised to take three or four pills to help them sleep better while people who suffer from interrupted sleep take two pills to relax.

Each dosage should be taken at least 30 minutes before your intended bedtime. TruSLUMBER is usually taken together with reNU, another drug manufactured by Truvision. Its primary purpose is to act as an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory medication.

Forms & Quantities

You can can get truSlumber in pill capsules and gummy version.  You can get a month for both varieties.

it also comes in a weekly sample pack like many of TruVy / Truvision Health other products call ZZZ-Tox.  Many people will try this first before they typically by the monthly package.

truSlumber also is packaged with many of the Truvision Health Combos like the ZZZ-Tox and Heart and Hydration combo.

Where to purchase

TruSLUMBER can be purchased from the Truvision health website online at $36 for every 60 capsules. It is also available on other online markets such as e-bay, Walmart, Amazon, Walgreen, and on our website  Buy truSlumber Now!