We all know that getting to a healthy weight has many benefits, from increased energy to a boost in confidence and reduced risk of chronic health problems. Unfortunately, weight loss isn’t easy—extreme diets are hard to stick to, and it can be hard to fit exercise into a busy lifestyle. Many people have discovered that diet and exercise, combined with weight loss supplements, can help them reach their goals.

If you are struggling with weight loss, a great option is a belly blaster kit filled with safe, healthy, and effective supplements made by Truvy. Let’s take a look at what Truvy weight loss kits are and how the products can work together to help you reach your weight loss health goals.

What Is a Belly Blaster Kit?

A belly blaster kit is a weight loss kit designed with the best Truvy weight loss supplements to help you lose weight—and keep it off. These products work together to help you boost your metabolism, control blood sugar, fight cravings, and effectively lose weight.

The term “belly blaster kit” was coined by innovative Truvy associates. It refers to a bundle of Truvy weight loss products that work well together and are sold together to help you lose weight.

What’s Included in a Belly Blaster Kit?

A belly blaster kit has several favorite Truvy weight-loss products. Each product works great individually, but together the Truvy weight loss lineup can help you tackle your struggle with losing weight and help you feel healthy. Supplements that may be in your Truvy weight loss kits include:

Tru (Trufix)

Tru, the supplement previously known as Trufix, is formulated with plant-based ingredients—including raspberry ketones, cinnamon bark extract, and alpha-lipoic acid—to support your overall wellness. Available as an easy-to-swallow capsule, Tru supports healthy blood chemistry.

VY Boost (Trucontrol)

VY Boost, sometimes known as Trucontrol, boosts your weight loss and energy levels. VY is formulated to help you control your appetite and boost your metabolism while also having the mental focus and natural energy you need to get through your busy day. If you struggle with finding the energy to exercise, VY boost can help!


reNU® Detox

reNu is another powerful weight-loss supplement that works great with Tru and VY Boost. It’s focused on gut health and works to eliminate toxins while keeping the good gut flora flourishing and plentiful. Gut health is a surprising key to weight loss and maintenance, and reNu uses natural ingredients like aloe, ginger root extract, and turmeric to get you there.

Heart and Hydration (H&H)

Hydration is a key part of a healthy lifestyle—especially an active one. Heart and Hydration (H&H) is a popular addition to weight loss kits. It is a healthy drink that supports both hydration and a healthy heart with natural ingredients like elderberry, ginseng, calcium, and potassium.

What Are the Benefits of a Belly Blaster Kit?

By using the above weight loss kit products together, you support your body along its journey to health and weight loss. Truvy products complement each other and work together to help you lose weight.

Tru and VY Boost makes an especially effective weight loss combo. Together, this weight loss kit is called Truvy Boost. It works to balance your body, support your metabolism, and boost your energy, making it easier to stick to diet and exercise. These supplements can help you reach a healthy body composition.

Truvy Boost combines with reNu and Heart and Hydration to add additional support to your weight loss. Healthy guts and healthy hearts, as well as a well-hydrated body, combine to amplify your efforts in diet and exercise.

Where Can I Buy a Belly Blaster Kit?

Where Can I Buy a Belly Blaster Kit

You can create your own belly blaster kit by combining Truvy Boost weight loss kits with reNu and Heart and Hydration. For best results, these products work well together, combined with a clean diet and regular exercise.

Would you like to see real weight loss results? Try Truvy supplements for products with natural, safe ingredients. Put together your own belly blaster kit with these favorite Truvy weight loss products.