Everyone has their own type of diet but what most people fail to understand is that depriving yourself completely from almost all food stuffs is not a diet. This myth engraved in some people’s heads needs to be eliminated. A diet is actually all about how you eat. A diet is about finding that perfect nutrient ratio that keeps you healthy and fit.

So, what exactly is the keto diet? Well, it is a diet that basically requires you to have more fat in your meals. But to make it efficient, you must simultaneously reduce the level of carbohydrates in your meal. Simply put, it means a diet higher in fat and less carbohydrates.

Biologically, when your body lacks glucose or carbohydrates to generate energy, it will turn to the next efficient energy source in the body which is fat. So as the body burns the fat in your body for energy you in turn lose weight in the process. This is essentially how the diet works.

With the keto diet gaining popularity, supplements are being made such as the FitClub Keto Platinum. Depending on what you want to achieve in the process of a healthy and fit life you can buy various keto dietary supplements. However, care should be taken when selecting a supplement.

Types of Keto Diets

Choosing a keto diet is all dependent on what you want to achieve as well as how much daily exercise and activities you do. There are four different types of Keto diets. Let’s go over them:

Standard Ketogenic Diet

This is a quick way to lose weight for those who do not do a lot of activities such as swimming, cycling or even walking. With this diet you will take very little carbohydrates, keep your protein intake moderate and raise the amount of fat you take. On a daily basis your carbohydrates intake should not exceed 50 grams.

Cyclical Ketogenic Diet

This diet is ideal for athletes and bodybuilders. Cyclical as the name clearly indicates means it is a periodical diet but in our case in terms of days. You get to take the diet for some specified days in the week and during the other days you just continue with your normal meals. Athletes’ activity levels are usually high, so they will require a good intake of carbohydrates during certain days

Targeted Ketogenic Diet

This involves taking carbohydrates before workouts and then maintaining the keto diet during all the other times. It can be taken 30 minutes before you work out. It is intended for those who do vigorous exercises. The carbohydrates they take in will only be used to generate energy during these exercises.

High Protein Keto Diet

In this diet you only raise the amount of proteins you will take in and hence the name high protein keto diet. The carbohydrates level however remains constant as the standard. The protein intake is increased from the normal 20% in standard to 35 % while the fat intake is reduced from 75% in standard to 60%.

The Best Keto Supplements to Choose From

FitClub Keto Platinum

In our definition of ketosis, we forgot to mention an important little detail and that is the body takes weeks to produce Beta-Hydroxybutyrate FitClub Keto Platinumduring ketosis. BHB production is the very essence of ketosis and it takes weeks to be produced normally. FitClub Keto Platinum speeds up its production process as it has a formulation that activates ketosis. The best part is that FitClub Keto supplements are all natural. By activating ketosis weight loss becomes a faster process and supplements like FitClub Keto Platinum activate ketosis in your body even quicker. For the most expeditious weight loss results possible, try an exogenous ketosis supplement such as FitClub Keto Platinum.

Nutri Gold 7-Keto

This one helps boost your body’s immunity and also reduce weight through its DHEA components.

Perfect Keto

This is an organic and affordable supplement made by a professional by the name Dr. Anthony Gustin and can be used with milk and chocolate as well.

Bullet Proof Keto Prime

It helps your brain function better, reduces tiredness and boosts your energy through its oil constituents.

Keto Force

Unlike many supplements this one is expensive. It does however function efficiently with only 3 cups required to keep you in shape.

The Side Effects of Applying the Keto Diet

  • The following are some of the common side effects of the keto diet
  • You may feel a bit inactive and unenergetic
  • You may experience constipation
  • You will feel a bit thirsty from time to time

That said, a good exogenous ketogenic supplement, FitClub Keto Platinum for example, can not only jump start your ketosis but also, help ease any side effects as your body adjusts to a state of ketosis.

Ingredients Found in a Good Keto Supplement

  • Magnesium, potassium and sodium
  • Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT oil)
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Vitamin D
  • Creatine monohydrate
  • Beta-hydroxy beta-metgylbutyrate (HMB)
  • Chromium

Bottom Line

We have provided you with an extensive buying guide and information about the keto diet and its supplements. It is now up to you to analyze and carefully pick the one that best suits your needs.