A beautiful dress that is two sizes smaller, a bit of love handles on the sides and having trouble breathing when going up a flight of stairs are just some of things that constantly remind us that we need to lose weight. If you are in this stage or you are almost there, do not go into panic mode since there is plenty you can do to get in a much better shape.

If losing weight is your goal, you should put emphasis on doing that using healthy and safe procedures. You can choose to lose weight using “natural” methods such as dieting or exercising or you can use other methods which are also healthy and approved such as TruVision products. If you wish to use any artificial products to lose weight, please make sure that the products you want to use have been tested and approved.

The first step in a weight loss journey is to set a target and a strategy on how you will achieve that target. This includes your ideal weight, diet and/or exercise and other similar things in the same vain. One major reason that people fail or fall off their weight loss journey is because they have the mindset that the process of losing weight is like a chore. If you want to lose weight and stick to your weight loss plan, you need to realize that this can be a fun and one of the best life decisions you have ever made.

Step One: Lose an Average of 2 Pounds Per Week

2 pounds might seem little to some people but this is what dietitians and nutritionists agree that is a good balance. Remember it is not only about your weight but also your health. If you lose a bigger chunk of weight in the same time line, you are bound to run into some issues such as metabolism problems. You need to plan your schedule with this in mind.

Step Two: Cut Down on the Calories

This is specifically aimed at people who are overweight. If you are overweight, there is a huge probability that you consume more calories than what is necessary. It is estimated that Americans consume an average of 2500 calories a day while the recommended amount is 2000 calories. To lose weight, you need to cut your calories by about 500-750 just be mindful not to go under the daily recommendation of 1200 calories for women and 1500 calories for men each day. TruVision products can help you with reducing appetite so that reducing calories isn’t a daunting task.

Step Three: Have a Diet Plan

There is a saying that “even an extreme workout will not fix a bad diet” which just underlines the importance of what you put into your body. The following are some basic measures which you can implement to make sure you are eating clean to maximize on your weight loss:

– Reduce Alcohol – This might be a tall order for people who like their alcoholic drinks but it can make such a huge difference in your weight loss plan. One reason why you should avoid alcohol is because these type of drinks have a high number of calories. Another reason is when people are under the influence of alcohol, they also tend to eat more.

– Cut salt – Salt makes the body to hoard water which is an essential part of losing weight. However, the salt that you should be worried about is not the tiny amount you add to your food rather that which is hidden in many processed foods.

-Drink a lot of water – The importance of drinking a lot of water has been hammered into us since we were children. Aim to drink about 8 cups each day.

– Cut sugar – Sugar is high in calories which we want less of since we want to lose weight. Sugar also leads to a load of other complications in our bodies and it is best that we avoid it altogether.

The following is an example of a diet that you can follow in your weight loss journey:

Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Green smoothie – Vegetable soup – 3 -4 Oz salmon and veggies

Toast and 2 eggs – 3 Oz tuna + 1/2 Avocado – 3 -4 Oz lean steak and veggies

Oats + Fruits – 3 Oz smoked salmon 1 cup broccoli – 3 -4 Oz grilled chicken+ veggies + 1/2 cup quinoa

This is just a short plan which will give you insight on what you are supposed to be intaking. It shows veggies are very important and you should also take a fruit daily. If you are a person who likes to take snacks on short intervals, you have things like nuts, dark chocolate and almonds. On the first few days, cut on the whole grains or avoid them altogether if it is possible.

Start off slow and then slowly pick up the momentum. Some people do not see results in the first few days since their bodies are adjusting to the changes, be aware of this and continue with your weight loss plan. Keep your target in sight in order not to fall off if it gets a bit challenging as you progress. You should also not shy aware from having treat days from time to time just to reinvigorate your taste buds.

If you follow these instructions and you wish to get even better results, you can incorporate weight loss products such as TruVision products. TruVision is a company that creates products which aid in weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. Examples of TruVision products which can help you lose weight and live a healthier life include: TruFix, TruDefense, TruControl among many other products. These are products which have been approved by the relevant authorities and pose no danger if users follow the simple instructions. Try out what they have to offer with this trial offer of Truvision products.


Lastly, it is important to realize that weight loss is like a never ending journey. Even if you hit the target you had set, you still have to be disciplined to maintain your ideal weight. Like we said before, losing weight does not have to be boring, rather look at it like a chance to learn new recipes, dump bad eating habits and a chance of living a longer and healthier life.