If you enjoy eating tomatoes, potatoes, beans, or lots of grain-based foodstuffs such as oats, wheat, and corn, I have both bad and good news for you. The bad news is that these foods contain large quantities of dangerous proteins known as lectins. The good news is that a unique product called Lectin Shield offers you reliable and safe protection from all forms of harms associated with the presence of lectins. Read on to learn more about lectins and ways of protecting your body from harms associated with them. What are Lectins? 

Lectins fall in a group of proteins that have binding properties, especially to carbohydrate molecules. They are available in a wide array of foods, with their concentrations being higher in unrefined grains and raw beans. Some lectins are beneficial since the human body relies on them to perform some basic functions. However, some types of lectins are toxic due to their harmful activities in the gut. Check out the Gundry MD website that offers Lectin Shield and see for yourself the options available.

What makes lectin harmful to your health?

Most individuals may consider without a doubt any average plant to be harmless. Furthermore, you may consider average plants as docile. However, many plants have powerful defense mechanisms known as lectins. These defense mechanisms are available in protein nature, and they play an instrumental role in protecting plants from dangerous predators. If you consume these plants either knowingly or unknowingly, you introduce these harmful proteins into your body. 
Apart from beans, tomatoes, and grains, fruits and vegetables that have many seeds, such as cucumber, string beans, and melon, are rich in lectins. Surprisingly, even dairy products like eggs and cow milk harbor large amounts of lectins. This is because many farmers and food manufacturers feed their livestock and chickens with foods that contain a significantly higher am
ount of soy and grains. These lectins available in the food ingredients gradually find their way into the animals’ digestive system and eventually into your body every time you consume these dairy products. 
Some of these foods may appear harmless even if they contain certain levels of lectins, but they are not. Many studies have associated lectins with immune system complications, overall weight gain, and various cardiovascular problems.  

Lectins can cause a wide range of complications to your digestive system, especially if not addressed at the initial stages. Although the human stomach has a powerful digestive juice known as gastric acid, it cannot digest lectins. Therefore, the undigested lectins enter the gastrointestinal tract and begin to cause complications. They can interfere with the regeneration of cells, which safeguard the gut lining, meaning harmful substances can move from the digestive system into the bloodstream. This condition triggers an immune response and results in inflammation, the process associated with the emergence of many diseases. Eating lots of lectins can cause digestive disorders like bloating and cramping. It may also lead to ineffective absorption of essential nutrients like protein.

What are the benefits of consuming Lectin Shield regularly?   

You can minimize the number of lectins in your body by minimizing your consumption of tomatoes, grains, and beans. It is almost impossible to eliminate lectins intake. Fortunately, regular intake of this health item can protect your body from damages associated with lectins without you necessarily having to come up with a new diet plan. Lectin Shield is a unique product that renders lectins that keep on attaching to the lining of your stomach harmless. Other benefits that this amazing product brings to your body include: 
• They promote better functioning of the human body by absorbing a huge amount of nutrients from the diets consumed 
• They expedite regular bowel movements 
• They make the immune system strong

How does Lectin Shield work?

It assists you in absorbing the right quantity of food nutrients. That way, controlling your weight becomes easier. It also minimizes internal gas and bloating due to its antioxidant and anti-fungal properties. This video explains further how Lectin Shield works, and why it’s necessary for the fight against lectins.

How should you consume it?

The procedure of using this healthy product is simple and straightforward. You should take of them with your breakfast and 2 more with your dinner on a daily basis. Taking it with your food allows this amazing product to interact with every lectin available in the meal you are eating. You can even see what Pinterest has to say about Lectin Shield. Remember, there is no risk associated with the regular use of this product. This product has a 90-day money-back guarantee, meaning you can get a full refund if the results you attain within 90 days do not impress you. However, you will need to resend the bottle to the manufacturer. 
Lectins are available in probably all types of foods. Therefore, if you do not want to overhaul your diet or avoid eating the foods you love, you should always have some means of protecting yourself from damages caused by lectins. Head over to Gundry MD and get your Lectin Shield today! You will absolutely enjoy incredible benefits.