How Does One Two Cosmetics Full Eyelashes Compare to the Originals?

By now, you must have heard about or even come across the amazing new false eyelashes. They are the main subject in most beauty magazines. The beauty industry has highly praised One Two Cosmetics’ One Two Lash. The main reason for this is that they have a magnetic technology that has never been seen before in any false eyelashes.
The One Two Lash are able to stay on the face unlike other false eyelashes on the market. This means that they can be worn practically anywhere.
One Two Cosmetics have launched a new product for their clients this festive season via their Full Coverage Original Lash. This promises a look that is more luscious and full.

one two cosmetics full eyelashes

One Two Cosmetics Full Eyelashes
Magnetic eyelashes do not require glue to stay on. The original range of these magnetic products that One Two Cosmetics produced had 2 magnetic lash strips of ultra-lightweight. The lash strips sandwiched the natural lash of the user but on the outer half of the eyes. The lashes easily clicked together and remained so until they were removed.

One Two Cosmetics Full Eyelashes still employ the magnetic assets of the original design and now offer full coverage of the top eyelash line. They utilize the original patented micro-magnetic technology. These full eyelashes comprise of luxury-grade fibers that inflict no harm to the natural eyelashes of the consumer. This is to say that these products are perfectly safe to use on a daily basis.

Benefits of Magnetic Lashes

One Two Cosmetics Full Eyelashes can do the following:
i. The products can improve the whole lash line of the user i.e. from one corner to the other.
ii. It can easily adjust to unique contours of the consumer’s own eye.

Initially, achieving a right fit for solid strip false lashes was impossible and that is why the half-lash design was invented by One Two Cosmetics. Fortunately, they were able to solve the problem through the invention of a unique adjustable design that facilitates customization of both the curve as well as the lash’s shape. The ultimate result is that the lashes will fit the unique eye shape of the consumer for optimum comfort and a flawless fit.

One Two Cosmetics Full Eyelashes have the rare ability of adding volume and length to the whole length of the consumer’s eye. This means that the much-desired feminine and glamorous look is inevitable with this product unlike other brands that just cover the outer corners.

Using Magnetic Eyelashes

These new full eyelashes from the renowned One Two Cosmetics brand are still easy to use like the former lash strips. However, their mode of application differs in two ways:

1. Like the original lashes, Full Coverage lashes can be applied by hand. The long strip sits on top of the natural eyelash, and the 2 smaller lashes connect to the ends of the top lash when set underneath the top eyelash line.

2. The other way to apply the full coverage lashes is with the magnetic applicator. It’s a small tool you set the magnetic lashes on, apply to your own lashes like an eyelash curler, and release. Voila, your lashes are set!

Styles of One Two Lash

These One Two Cosmetics Full Eyelashes are readily available in many unique styles just like their predecessor. The options are a function of the look that the consumer is aiming to achieve. The styles include the following:
Original – This is the ideal style for casual daytime wear.
Enhanced – This style is a little dramatic compared to the original. Nonetheless, it still has a natural feel and look.
Bold – This style of full eyelashes is popularly termed as va-va-voom because they are extra-long. It is suitable for nights out.
Extra Bold – This is characterized by both maximum volume and length the lashes are best suited for dramatic show-stoppers.
Each one of the styles above are packaged in a single magnetic case that is stylish and black in color to retain the lashes in place at all times.

Cost of One Two Cosmetics Full Eyelashes

Full Coverage Original Lashes are very affordable despite the fact that it is a groundbreaking technology. The official company website has them retailing for just $69. The retail price is just but a small fraction of what one would pay for lash extensions. Furthermore, their affordability is based on their re-usable nature. They’re definitely worth it.