Anybody keeping an eye on diet and weight loss trends over the past couple of years will have noticed the explosive rise in the popularity of fat burning supplements. It doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. They have a growing reputation as a way of helping us lose weight much faster than more conventional methods, and their extensive marketing efforts back up this message.

The rationale behind what they offer the public is that through speeding up a person’s metabolic rate, they can get the body to burn up more fat in the course of their regular day’s activities. Basically, this would cause the person’s body to behave as though it had a naturally high metabolic rate, able to consume as much as the person likes without necessarily gaining weight.

In this short piece, we’ll take a look at popular fat burning supplements such as Truvy / Truvison Health; if they work; how they work; and everything else you might need to know before deciding if they’re the right choice for you.

How They Work

First off, we’ll see if we can get a better understanding of how exactly these supplements work. We’re used to the more common supplements in the market out there that help users lose weight either by hindering the absorption of carbohydrates and fats or by staging a pre-emptive assault on the problem and directly suppressing a person’s appetite.

These have worked to varying degrees for many people over the years, but TruVision weight loss products tackle the situation in a slightly different manner. They work their magic by speeding up the rate of your body’s metabolic processes. This is achieved through the inclusion of certain stimulants such as Caffeine, PEA, or Ephedrine in their formulas.

When these stimulants are ingested, they will increase your heart rate, even if you are completely at rest, and this will translate into an increase in the rate at which you burn calories up.

Should you go a step further and combine taking such supplements with an effective exercise and diet program, you will effectively multiply the positive effects you experience should you take either approach on its own.

What About Safety?

Everything sounds good so far, right? Sure, it does, but we should always remind ourselves to take a very close look at whatever we put into our bodies before doing so. Always keep yourself safe.

That said, diet supplements such as TruVision should always be taken exactly in line with the manufacturers’ instructions unless otherwise instructed by a healthcare professional. Don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of thinking more must be better. Increasing your dosage at might not only negate any positive effects you experience, but it might also have other unexpected negative effects on your well-being. You’re really not hoping to be the slimmest person in the emergency room here. Take things one step at a time.

As a general safety consideration, many trainers and dieticians recommend the cycling of fat burning supplements with interspersed breaks, like taking them for three months then taking a one-month break before resuming. This goes a long way in keeping your body from developing a resistance to them or forming a dependency.

How Effective Are They, Really?

While it would be lovely to be able to classify these as a magic bullet to the weight loss problem facing so many, the reality is that different people will have varying levels of success. The difference comes in when a person’s individual commitment to a weight-loss regime is taken into consideration.

These are not magic solutions, but a way of effectively multiplying the impact of your weight loss efforts. If you’re not doing your part, you shouldn’t expect to see much change. Multiplying by zero will always give you zero.

Here are a few ways you can ensure the best results when taking fat burning supplements.

Eating Healthy

There really isn’t any way around it; the end result you experience will be a reflection of the effort you put in. A healthy plan with regard to your eating habits goes hand-in-hand with supplements such as TruVision towards achieving your goals.

It defeats all logic to overwhelm your body with calorie-bombs such as cake and ice-cream hoping that the supplements will negate their impact. It doesn’t work like that. You’ll need to consider adjusting your diet to include healthy options such as fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats such as fish and chicken that will go towards building muscle rather than fat in your body.

Pure cold water or a cup of weight loss tea should always be chosen instead of any sugar-laden beverage and fizzy drink. Green tea is a treasure-trove of anti-oxidants and other healthy components that work wonders in boosting energy levels and moods.

You also have the option of going on diets such as the Paleo or Atkins diets that focus on carbohydrate elimination or minimization but the truth is, most diet plans will have an effective impact on your health goals, so you have the liberty of picking whichever one you wish.

Consistency is the keyword here. Stick to your diet, whichever one you select, and the results will show themselves in time.


Even with effective TruVision supplements in your corner, some exercise will still be called for if you want to achieve tangible results. While moderate-to-intense cardiovascular exercise is best, a fun and entertaining program might be considered to start you off down the right path.

Strength training should be incorporated into your routine at some point, as building up your muscle will cause you to burn up calories quicker, thus helping keep off excess weight down the road.

You really have a lot of freedom when it comes to what sort of exercise regime you settle on, but here again, consistency is crucial in the long run. Keep at it.

In Conclusion…

Reputable fat burning supplements such as Truvy / TruVision Health have a proven effectiveness and safety record. When used according to instruction and coupled with a healthy diet and exercise program, the results will be undeniable.

Good luck!