What is Vital Stem?

Vital Stem is an anti-aging supplement formulated by Live Cell research, a California-based company. The supplement is designed to get rid of and prevent the appearance of any signs of aging. These include the usual fine lines and wrinkles that are characteristic of aging skin. With age, you may also begin to notice some slowing of mental processes, reduced attentiveness, and at times, memory loss. These can be particularly distressing as one rarely, if ever, has a clue on how these changes can be managed.

For years, researchers have studied the brain in a bid to characterize the specific neurological changes that come with age. Obtaining such valuable insight would be a major step towards a better understanding of the aging process. So far, they have found that the age-related increase in cognitive decline is largely attributable to cell damage. This is a major breakthrough.

How does Vital Stem work?

This anti-aging supplement works by boosting stem cells. Stem cells are the cells from which all other cells in the body originate. They are found in some specific body tissues and in some plants. These undifferentiated body cells are usually lacking in genetic material, giving the body a chance to configure them to match various different body tissues and organs. This way, they can take up the form of any kind of cell in the body.

Vital Stem is formulated to increase the number of such stem cells in your body. After taking this supplement, the new stem cells are incorporated into various body tissues. They are distributed to damaged tissues and organs where their demand is highest. Here, they replicate and take up the form of the original cells that had been damaged with age.

How does it improve mental activity?

Once you incorporate this supplement into your health regimen you will begin to notice some overall improvements in memory and attentiveness. The new stem cells will migrate to the brain where they will effectively replace old and damaged neurons. This will result in the restoration of healthy brain function. Moreso, these cells can replace cells that are damaged by mutation, a process that occurs naturally with age.

How does it improve the quality of your skin?

Just like every other body tissue, the skin gets damaged with age. Years of exposure to harmful solar radiation takes a great toll on the skin. With time, fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots appear. When you take this supplement regularly, the boosted stem cells migrate to your skin where they replace the aged skin cells. This helps to restore a more youthful appearance to your skin. This product works well for people of all ages.
The effect of stem cells on your body is not limited to just the brain and skin. These cells erase years from your entire body. Years ago, when the application of stem cells to anti-aging treatments was relatively new, doctors had to inject the stem cells directly into the damaged body organs. This was quite unpleasant and cumbersome for the patients as they had to schedule a clinic visit every time they required a treatment. This, however, is no longer the case. You can administer this form of therapy all on your own using supplements. Moreover, the process is now painless and convenient.

What additional ingredients does this supplement contain?

The Vital Stem formulation contains L-leucine and L-carnitine. These are amino acids that help support the regeneration of damaged body tissues. It also has green tea extract, blueberry, and Vitamin D3 for added health benefits.

Why should you consult your doctor?

To age gracefully, you need to put in some effort on your part. Vital Stem can be a helpful supplement. However, you should always make sure to talk with your doctor before adding any dietary supplement to your daily regimen, no matter how safe or beneficial it is. You want to be sure that you are not allergic to any ingredients or taking another supplement or medication that could cause a harmful interaction. This will also help you learn what options are available out there. You can discuss this supplement with your doctor and plan how it can be integrated into your healthy lifestyle. Doing some research online may also prove to be of benefit.

With aging, it is best to prevent the issues before they emerge. One needs to be proactive in learning more about the process and confronting potential issues early. Attempting to deal with the changes after they manifest may prove to be a much bigger challenge.