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Take control of your life with Vy

‘Vee’ is the way that this is pronounced. The Vy pills are used in combination with the Tru pills in the ratio of 1:1. Like the sister Tru Pills, Vy Pills are made with natural ingredients that address the most common challenges that our bodies run into when attempting to manage weight, control appetite, and stay healthy.
Here is the full disclosure:

Green tea rules in ayurvedic medicine today as it did in Ancient China. It has so many health benefits to list them all here. In terms of weight loss, though, this extract encourages the production of hormones that help in metabolism.

Green Coffee Bean Extract retrains your body to more effectively seek out and utilize white adipose tissue (the undesirable type of fat) stores for energy. It also aids with blood sugar levels already within normal ranges. Our new formula has 100% MORE of this powerful active ingredient.

This spice has the power to turbo-charge your body's metabolic processes. It's a thermogenic component meaning that it raises your body's internal heat and keeps metabolism from running idle. Here is more on black pepper in weight loss.

You need vitamin B6 for a healthy nervous system. It also helps your body to break down fat and reduce water retention. Vy ensures that you get an optimal amount of these vitamins for these functions

All metabolic functions in your body need oxygen. Iron helps to transport that oxygen to all the places it is required in your body. It will help you feel energetic and your immune functions to work optimally

There are some other Vy Pill ingredients such as Dutch Cocoa, Dendrobium Extract, and Citrus Aurantium Extract. They all help to regulate appetite, reduce cravings, and keep metabolism running around the clock.

Questions on How To Use Tru & Vy. We Got Answers!

What is the Right Dosage for Tru & Vy?

As mentioned before, the two pills are combined in a one to one ratio. You will take two tablets (one Tru and one Vy) in the morning before breakfast and in the middle of the day before lunch.

Does Tru & Vy Really Work?

From the above weight loss ingredient list, it’s clear that Tru & Vy may not only help you lose weight but also enhance your health in many other significant ways.

How fast does Truvy work?

Like all other legit weight loss solutions, Tru & Vy are not ‘miracle pills.’ You will need to be patient because results start to show after 90 days. But these are sustainable results. Consistency is the only thing required of you.

When should I take Vy?

We suggest taking Vy along with Tru every morning before breakfast and again with lunch. Learn more about Tru.

What’s the difference between the Vy capsules and the Vy drink?

We wanted to give people options when it comes to taking supplements. Don’t like taking pills? Try a delicious drink instead! Both the capsules and drink contain the same active and powerful ingredients. Our Tru drink has a more concentrated form of the ingredients.

When should I expect to see results?

Most of our customers who are consistent with the products and a healthy lifestyle see results within 90 days. Stay patient and stay consistent!

You don’t have to take our word for it.

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