truvy Protine Sheke™

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all-natural complete vegan protein/fiber shake

Dairy, Soy & Whey FREE

20G whey protein per 8oz serving

Protein Shake per 30 ct

Low carb, low sugar

Truvy Protein Shake CoCo Creme Chocolate

rePLACE Protein Powder Mix

Truvy Protein Shake VaVa Voom Vanilla

rePLACE Protein Powder Mix

rePLACE Protein Powder Mix (Vanilla Bean)

rePLACE Protein Powder Mix (2 pack)

Truvy Protein Shake VaVa Voom Vanilla

rePLACE Protein Powder Mix (2 pack)

rePLACE Protein Powder Mix (Vanilla Bean)

rePLACE Protein Powder Mix (2 pack) (Combo)

Where does a healthy lifestyle start? With your eating habits, which unfortunately is sometimes the hardest obstacle to tackle. If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place. Our new protein shakes are packed with everything you need and most importantly, nothing you don’t.

Our whey shakes are a great source of complete protein and are absolutely delicious! Available in our Vava Vanilla or Chocolate Coco Crème flavors that are just so thick and rich, they even taste great when you mix it with water. You drooling yet?

20 g of high quality whey protein per 8 oz serving
Lactase for lactose digestion support
Good source of fiber
Low carb, low sugar
Gluten and soy free

1-bag Truvy™ Protein Shake (30 ct.)

Choose your flavor: Vava Vanilla or Coco Crème

Feel fuller longer*
Helps build muscle after exercise*
Healthy fiber for a healthy gut*

Drink as a start to your day, or anytime during the day!

Drink before and after a workout

Use as a base in a smoothie

Can also mix with your favorite milk, almond milk or yogurt

Not a meal replacement

But is powerful support for:

  • Satiety
  • Snacking

Building and maintaining muscle when combined with exercise

How to use TrurePLACE

You can use this high-quality formula as an alternative meal. You can use it to replace one or two meals during the day. All the ingredients you will be giving up by not going with your usual meals can be found in this shake, and so many more.

You can also use the formula before and after workouts to boost physical performance and energy. TrurePLACE macro and micronutrients help in muscle regeneration.

TrurePLACE should be used in combination with other Truvision products such as Trufix for powerful effects. 

Benefits of rePLACE shake

Before there were meal supplements, people turned to fasting to limit carbs and lose excess body weight. While fasting was helpful, it’s a bit technical that it’s hard to do it right. Improper fasting habits deprived the body of vital nutrients, not just carbs.

TrurePLACE, on the other hand, is loaded with macro and micronutrients. When you are using it to limit carbs, you won’t be denying the body of vitamins, proteins, and mineral salts too. The benefits of the rePLACE shake therefore include:

  • It’s a gentler-kinder way to lose weight.
  • Suppresses appetite leading to reduced calorie intake
  • Has proteins to help in muscle regeneration
  • Fibers help in digestion and detoxification 

What are some of the adverse effects of using TrurePLACE?

Most users have reported good tolerance to the meal replacement shake. However, bodies’ behavior defers, so it’s no surprise to find reports of nausea, stomach upsets, and headaches. But these side effects are rare.

There you go lovelies; now you know what you will be paying for: A vegan-friendly, all-natural, effective, and convenient way to lose weight, detoxify and improve health without skipping meals. You can find the product on the Truvision website, Amazon, Walmart, etc. have fun dieting!