The Future of False Eyelashes Just Got Even More Epic


You may have recently heard about some incredible new false eyelashes. Certainly, everyone is talking about them in the beauty mags. One Two Lash by One Two Cosmetics have been hailed by the beauty industry as completely groundbreaking. Why? Because they’re magnetic! In fact, they’re the first magnetic false eyelashes in the world. 

one two cosmetics full eyelashesI have to say, that as an owner of several pairs of One Two Lash, they’re every bit as awesome as people are saying. As someone who could never (ever) get a pair of falsies to stay on my face, I’m now able to wear these little babies everywhere. 

But things just got even brighter for the holiday season. The company behind these wonder lashes has just launched a brand-new lash style. While the original One Two Lash were more like half-lashes (though still incredibly effective), One Two Lash: Full-Coverage, have arrived to offer us an even fuller, more luscious look.  

What is a Magnetic Lash? 

Great question! It can be hard to get your head around a magnetic eyelash until you’ve seen a pair but the only thing that matters is that NO glue is required – ever. That means no more horrendous glue incidents – Amen! 

One Two Cosmetics’ original range of magnetic lashes consisted of two ultra-lightweight magnetic lash strips that gently sandwiched your natural lash between them on the outer half of your eyes. They effortlessly clicked together through the beauty of magnetic attraction and stayed-fast until you decided to click them back off.
 one two cosmetics full eyelashes

So, What’s the Secret behind the new One Two Lash: Full-Coverage? 

One Two Cosmetics Full Eyelashes shares much of the original design’s assets: they’re 100% glue-free, designed with the same patented micro-magnetic technology, and they’re made with luxury-grade fibers that won’t damage your natural eyelashes. Which means that they’re safe to wear every, single day. 

But the full eyelashes lashes are also able to: 

  • Enhance your entire lash line from corner to corner  
  • Adjust to the unique contours of your own individual eye

Solid strip false lashes have never quite fit right which is why One Two Cosmetics originally invented a half-lash. But now they’ve conquered that problem by inventing a special one-of-a-kind adjustable design that actually allows you to customize the curve and shape of the lash. This allows them to fit your own unique eye shape which means greater comfort and, finally(!), a flawless-fitting, full-coverage eyelash. 

One Two Cosmetics Full Eyelashes are able to add length and volume to the entire length of your eye – not just the outer corners – which creates an even more glamorous and feminine look.

Are They Still Easy to Use? 

Yes! In fact, they just got even easier. 

One Two Cosmetics Full Eyelashes differ in their application in two small ways: 

  1. Rather than the usual two magnetic lash strips – one that goes over your natural top lash and one that goes under it– these lashes are made up of three pieces. The top lash is one long lash strip that extends from one corner of your eye to the other. However, the bottom lash now consists of two smaller lashes that will align to the outer edges of the top lash. This appears to makes thing much more flexible. 


  1. Each set of full-coverage lashes now comes with a complimentary, new One Two magnetic applicator. A little tool that picks up the lashes all at once and practically applies them for you with one squeeze – loving this! 


Pick Your Poison. 

Just like the original, One Two Cosmetics Full Eyelashes are available in several unique styles. So, depending on the look you need to achieve, you can choose from: 


Original: Perfect for casual daytime wear. 


Enhanced: A little more dramatic than Original but still very natural. 


Bold: Extra-long and full these are deemed “va-va-voom” for nights out on the town. 


Extra Bold: With maximum length and volume, these lashes are the dramatic show-stoppers. 


As with all of their lashes, One Two Cosmetics Full Eyelashes come in their own stylish, black, magnetic case that holds the lashes firmly in place.  

 one two cosmetics full eyelashes

An Affordable Beauty Breakthrough 

What I’ve always loved about this company is that for such a groundbreaking product they’re incredibly affordable. These new lashes are retailing on the One Two Cosmetics website for just $69 (a fraction of the price you’d pay to get lash extensions).

But what makes them even more affordable is that they’re completely re-useable. As long as you take care of your lashes you can go on wearing these indefinitely.

I don’t know about you but I’ve got holiday shopping to do! For myself …